2018 Conference

LECUDEM-7th Biennial Conference Bronx, New York June 29– July 1, 2018




Discussion are in full gear among members of the New York Branch of the Lewoh Cultural and Development Meeting in the United States (LECUDEM-USA) about the 2018 Biennial Conference of the organization. Internal communication notes between the National President, HRH Fuajiwung and the national vice president, Martins Becha (who is a member of the New York branch) show that the discussions are aimed at ensuring the branch is fully prepared when the National Executive confirms the Biennial Conference program of activities. The Biennial Conference last held in Columbus, OH in June 2016 with His Majesty the Atemangwat Lewoh, Fotabong Lekelefac and Patron of LECUDEM in attendance.

The National Executive has now confirmed that New York City will host the 2018 rendezvous from June 29th to July 1st.

In that light, the National Executive is urging all members of LECUDEM-USA to start making plans to be in New City the last weekend of June 2018 for the Biennial Conference. A Conference theme and agenda for the deliberations are being worked out.

Meanwhile the Executive is delighted to inform membership that following “the successful family reunion in BOSTON in June, “LECUDEM-USA have retained a responsible Lewoh son, Mr. Nkafu William (Mbe Mabefua  ) as our country representative in Cameroon.”

Subsequently and in conformity with the decisions of the Family Reunion and the endorsement of the Board of Trustees, the organization has disbursed about CFA 4.4 million francs to take care of projects approved at the Family Reunion. While CFA 3 million francs goes for the approved  micro-projects CFA 1.4 million francs goes to meet up with the organization’s responsibility vis-a-vis Heart to Heart towards Lewoh Hospital renovation.

The executive wants to use this opportunity to “thank Ms. Carla Omer, Program Director of Heart-to-Heart International and all her colleagues who have been to Lewoh on several occasions and are working relentlessly to make the refurbishing of the hospital a reality. The executive is also in conversation with Heart-to-Heart for a LECUDEM-USA delegation to visit them in Lenexa, Kansas in the spring or summer of 2018 to thank them and further consolidate this growing partnership. Finally, the executive is plans on inviting Ms. Carla Omer to the biennial conference coming up in New York in June of 2018.

The 1.4 million francs takes care of the standby generator fueling, the ambulance maintenance, the driver and some stipend for our country representative.

On another note, New Yorkers are promising members and attendees the best conference of all times.

On its part, the executive wants membership to know that the Lehboh Lewoh investment group formed some three years ago by a group of members is up and running. Starting with, nothing the group now can boast of about $46.000.00 as their working capital.

Asonglefac Nkemleke, PRO.