Lewoh Kingdom Gears Up For Its 2016 Cultural Festival

The National President of the Lewoh Cultural and Development Meeting (LECUDEM) Dr. John Nkemngong Nkengasong has confirmed that the 2016 Lewoh Cultural Festival will hold at Anya from the 17th to the 19th of March. The National President’s confirmation of the Festival date is contained in media handouts and postings to all sons and daughters of Lewoh in Cameroon and in the Diaspora.

According to the communication, this year’s Cultural Festival, dubbed “Bechi Begeh” (come let us showcase our traditions) will, among other things feature a fundraising for the construction of the Lewoh Cultural Complex (the Lemo’oh Lewoh).

Consequently, the National President calls on “all branch presidents and special committee presidents” to “take particular note” and mobilize members accordingly.

Dr. Nkengasong further calls on all sons and daughters of Lewoh and branch executives to “circulate this information to all Lewoh sons and daughters, friends and well-wishers” at home and in the Diaspora.

Pursuant to decisions taken at an enlarged National Executive Committee Meeting in Douala last October, all sons and daughters of the Kingdom are expected to make contributions toward the realization of the Lewoh Cultural Complex, the “Lemo’oh Lewoh.” The National Executive Meeting categorized sons and daughters of Lewoh into ten groups, each contributing a given amount for the project. Such contributions range from CFA 5,000 francs minimum to CFA 200,000 francs and above (maximum).

While branch presidents have been tasked with compiling, collecting and submitting their manpower lists and sums due for the project to the General Secretariat, it is expected that the branches would speed up the collection and quick dispatch of the funds to the Treasurer. Concurrently, appeal letters are being addressed to friends of Lewoh and other dignitaries to solicit funds for the project.

Meanwhile, the programme of the three-day Lewoh Cultural Festival (Bechi Begeh Lewoh) shows that activities would kick off on Wednesday (Angong) with the gathering of all sons and daughters of the Kingdom. A cross-country race and an ecumenical church service would start the day of Thursday (Aseih) before the Patron of the Lewoh Cultural and Development Meeting (LECUDEM) and Paramount Ruler of the Lewoh Kingdom, Nyatemeh Fotabong Lekelefac, formally launches the Festival. The launching ceremony would feature the “Nteuh” dance in the esplanade prepared for the purpose, as the “Lefem” “talks” in the Royal Grove. An enlarged National Executive Meeting is expected to hold from 4:00 p.m. as the Kingdom retires for the day.

Day three (Friday Alung) of the Festival will feature a meeting of the General Assembly of LECUDEM, a traditional dance competition, and an all-night “Abanda” and a display of Lewoh folklore in the Nweh dialect.

Saturday (Ankoah, a traditional Sunday in Lewoh) is expected to start with a carnival of traditional displays, an art exhibition, a mini-agro-pastoral show, the second phase of fundraising for the Lewoh Cultural Complex (the Lemo’oh Project), and entertainment.  An all-night gala is expected to draw the curtain on the 2016 Lewoh Cultural Festival – an avenue that would have enabled Lewoh to showcase its culture and traditions in this “Bechi Begeh” rendezvous.