Lewoh Cultural & Development Meeting Developing Lewoh

The first flight of LECUDEM-USA-0624-27/2016 landed in Columbus, OH last night heralding the holding this weekend of the Organization’s 2016 Biennial Conference. The flight, from the Douala International Airport in Cameroon brought along His Majesty the Atemangwat of Lewoh, Patron of the Lewoh Cultural and Development Meeting. The Conference opens on Friday June 24 with the Atemangwat of Lewoh presiding.


The Atemangwat of Lewoh arrivesLECUDEM, the Lewoh Cultural and Development Meeting in the United States is poised to show-case Lewoh (and through it, Lebialem) culture, traditional and culinary exhibitions, cultural displays, and generalized celebration during a three-day jamboree.

His Majesty, the Atemangwat of Lewoh received an enthusiastic reception in Columbus last night Columbus in what promises to be a groundbreaking Conference. Apart from being His Majesty’s maiden visit to the United States, Columbus, Ohio 2016 will shine the light on what this North American of the Lewoh Cultural and Development Organization is doing to leverage development initiatives in the Kingdom. Working in sync with the Mother Organization, LECUDEM-USA intends to raise funds for projects in the healthcare, cultural (Lemo’oh), and social domains in the Lewoh Kingdom.

As delegates to the biennial Conference converge on the Buckeye State, early projections indicate that this will be LECUDEM-USA’s highest attended biennial Conference since its incorporation as a not-for-profit organization. The projections also show that the heavy turnout at the three day event will bring delegates from Canada and Cameroon in particular, as well as from Europe. Sons and daughters of Lewoh from the four corners of the United States are, of course, flocking into the Buckeye state with different cities striving to outsmart each other with the number of delegates.

LEWOH CULTURALThe presence of their King apart, this LECUDEM-USA conference, also happens to be happening in an election year. In fact, the current executive and board of this North American branch has served for the last eight years with very little changes to the faces and personalities. Current President, Barrister Nkemajiawung Fondungallah has been at the helm piloting the organization to its present status with more than 500 registered members concentrated mostly in the DMV/New Jersey/Atlantic coast corridor of the United States but also in Houston, TX, Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA and Phoenix, AZ.

The decision to hold this biennial Conference in Columbus, OH was reached during LECUDEM-USA’s Family Reunion in Dayton, OH last year. Since then the National Executive and a Conference Planning Committee have worked relentlessly to ensure success this weekend. In that light, the organization is proposing a wide-ranging agenda that will not just include celebration and merrymaking but include debates, the exhibition of Lewoh/Lebialem cultural artifacts, dances, culinary art, and sightseeing. A Conference Magazine goes to press Thursday night and will carry advertisements, information about the Conference, Lewoh, and bits and titbits from here and there.

The venue for the conference is: Comfort Inn North Conference Center
1213 East Dublin Granville Road, Columbus, Ohio 43229.
Tel: 614-885-4084 ext. 303