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LECUDEM-U.S.A Lewoh Cultural & Development Meeting is a non-profit organization certified by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS), code 501 (c) 3 to procure tax-deductible donations (ID #20-2624583).

The mother organization, LECUDEM, brings together both the home-based and Lewoh sons and daughters in the Diaspora with the purpose of harnessing their energies toward coordinated, meaningful, and planned development initiatives that uplift the human person by improving on the quality of life of the people of Lewoh. The organization has built a portable water project in the Fondom, a trans-Lewoh road that needs funding to surface and build bridges and culverts, and supported educational projects.


  • HM Fotabong Lekelefac I, the Atemangwat of Lewoh

National President: Nkemnkengasong John Nkemngong

Deputies: 1st Vice President Dr. Martina Zinkeng

2nd Vice President Mr. Francis Nkwetta

Secretary: Mr. Marcellous Njijong

Vice: Nkwetta Fondungallah Nico

Treasurer: Mr. Louis Nkembi

Financial Secretary: Mr. Norbert Fomenky

Legal Adviser: Nkemnkebin Jovita Jingwa

Some Home Branches:

  • Buea Branch President: Mr. Norbert Fomenky
  • Yaounde Branch President: Nkemefuetencha Stephen
  • Limbe Branch President: Henry Ebokem
  • Kumba Branch
  • Muyuka Branch
  • Bamenda Branch
  • Komboni Branch
  • Dschang Branch
  • Menji Branch

Current Executive of LECUDEM-USA:

  • Board Chair: Peter Atembe
  • President: HRH Fuajiawung Michael Fondungallah
  • Vice: Martins Becha
  • Secretary: Blasius Fonkem
  • Vice: Shelly Efuetbeja
  • Treasurer: Kenneth Tajong
  • Financial Secretary: Michael Njijong
  • Public Relations Officer: Asonglefac Nkemleke
  • Legal Adviser: Mrs. Kibong Fondungallah neé Kigham
  • Coordinator of Culture – Paul Ndemalalue
  • Coordinator of Health – Casimir Asong
  • Coordinator of Education – Nkemanyisong Martin Tanyifor
  • Coordinator of Development-Nkematem Frank Fomba


  • Minnesota President: Nkemfuanya Bernard Nkeng
  • Washington DC Metro: Nkemafungong Steve Forbin
  • New England: Desmond Fonkwe
  • New York: Nkematem Eugene Nkemngong
  • Ohio: Stanley Tajong

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it's wonderfull

2 years ago   ·  1

READ ME!!!! READ ME!!!! 1) At this time when you are being tear-gas because you Demand your rights, have that your political party intervened for you? 2) When they wanted votes you where told your problems will be table to the powers that be, now that you are in problems have they done so? 3) They Bribe you with T-Shirt, Food, Money and Drinks that you should Sign Motions and SUPPORT to your party Head and you did, now that you are being ill-treated by police have they come to consoled with you? 4) They told you All the promises of Democracy, Development, now it almost 4years and 7years respectively have you seen any Sign of Democracy and Development in your Party or your village? 5) When you ask for your right your Party Head Gives you Laptop, Food, Drinks, T-Shirt and Some Money and you have been taken and Dancing according to His MUSIC how long will you continue to fool your self. Between Rights, food, Drinks and T-Shirt which is better. 6) You call your self an Anglophone Cameroonian Your Very people who WERE CALLING YOU TO COME OUT AND VOTE PROMISING THAT YOUR 100% VOTE WILL PUT YOU PARTY HEAD TO HIS OFFICE. NOW THAT YOU WANT YOUR RIGHTS THE SAME PEOPLE TELL YOU Anglophone is A MINORITY AND INSIGNIFICANT, does this means Anglophone are INSIGNIFICANT only when they ask for their right?. PLS IT IS TIME ALL ANGLOPHONES ABSTENTED FROM ANY POLITICAL ACTIVITIES, NO POLITICAL RALLY, NO VOTING, NO CAMPAIGN since they say we are INSIGNIFICANT . This will MAKE THE WORLD KNOW THAT WE HAVE TAKEN FIRM COMMITMENTS TO CESSATION FROM LA REPUBLIC ACTIVITIES. COME RAIN COME SUN WE MUST WIND IF WE PUT THIS AS A LONG LASTING MEASURE OF KEEPING UP OUR STRIKE ACTION. I URGED ALL LAWYERS AND TEACHERS TO DELIBERATE AND ADOPT THIS STRATEGY SO AS TO CRUMBLE ALL THOSE POLITICIANS AND FUNDS WHO HAVE BEEN BENEFITING FROM OUR VOTES BUT CANT EVEN SYMPATHISED WITH US DURING OUR STRUGGLE. IF THIS IS FULLY IMPLEMENTED PEOPLE WELL EDUCATED AND COMMUNITY MEASURE TAKEN TO DISMANTLE ANY POLITICAL ACTIVITY ON ANGLOPHONES soil THOSE POLITICIANS AND FUNDS WILL HAVE NOTHING THAN TO JOINT US AND WE WILL WIND AT ONCE SINCE WE WILL BE ONE VOICE THEN. 7) LETS BATTLE FOR OUR RIGHTS OR BETTER CALL OUR COLONIAL MASTERS TO RECOLONISED US, WE CANT BE SLAVES ON OUR OWN LAND IN THE 21 CENTURY. ANDROID YOUTHS ARE SMART PEOPLE PLS BETTER BE SMART. THE TIME IS NOW ARISE ALL ANGLOPHONES AND TAKE BACK YOUR DIGNITY. MAY GOD GUIDE OUR COURSE AMEN.

1 year ago   ·  1

that nice my people

5 months ago

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