LECUDEM USA 2016 Conference

Columbus, Ohio USA June 24-27, 2016

Under the patronage of the Atemagwat Lewoh, sons and daughters of Lewoh, Lebialem Division, Cameroon, resident in the United States of America, will meet in Columbus, Ohio, for our biennial conference.

The Atemagwat Lewoh

The Atemagwat Lewoh

Lewoh culture and tradition will be on display in the Buckeye State from June 24 – 27, 2016. Join us for the display of Nweh culture, traditions, food, dance and artifacts.

Friday June 24, 2016
Dinner with the Fons: A display of Nweh culture, dance, food and artifacts

Saturday June 25, 2016:
Conference & Gala

Sunday June 26, 2016:
A tour of the city of Columbus, followed by a barbecue in the park.